Photos – 2014

These are pixels I’m going to insert into a piece of PEX tubing that I will use to make an arch
I tied this rope to the pixels to pull it through
I tied the other end around this post
And there you go – about 50 pixels in a tube
This is 32 strings of cool white LEDs – each string is 3 strings of about 32 lights or about 100 LEDs
Closeup of the E681 controlling my window frame
The updated window frame
Small Tune-To sign
A close-up my two E681’s that control my MegaTree with 2 x 16Channels
Inside one of the E681’s
About to tie down the Portable hole
My two Ren16s used to control my 32 strings of lights around my tree
My collection box for Relay For Life
My 3 arches
Another shot of the MegaTree
Banner for Relay For Life
My triple star
E681 that controls the PixaBulbs
My E6804 that controls my lights on the roof ridge
My J-Pole antenna
Power supplies that I use to power the Tri-Star (Didn’t use all of them)
The 2014 Show
Closeup of the MegaTree